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  • McDonalds TVC Lucy Oct 2015 McDonald TV commercial Nov 2015 November 2015

    Lucy Lester as the lead McDonald's girl in the current McDonald's TVC.

    View the link here:

  • David Jones fathers day Aug 2015 Liam Murphy, face of David Jones Father's Day 2015 September 2015

    Liam Murphy is face of David Jones Father's Day on 6th Sep 2015. He looks great! 


  • PL News Ellie Blyton for Kitten D'Amour August 2014

    Ellie looking so Parisienne as the face of St Germain range for Kitten D'Amour.

  • King furniture Liam News B Liam Murphy for King Furniture August 2014

    Laid back Liam appeared in the King Furniture magazine campaign.

  • Chocolate Couture Charity Couture November 2013

    Francesca Hung, Laura Yen, and Diana Hills paraded for The Australia Chocolate Couture Awards. Here they are wearing the beautiful dresses designed by Whitehouse Institute of Design students.

    They were styled by Billie Whitehouse and photographed by Rupert Kaldor.

  • Sophie Culture News Cultured Sophie Curran October 2013

    Sophie Curran's latest shot in Culture Magazine.

    Photographer: Matthew Briggs

    Hairdresser: "The New Black Industries" - Newcastle